Go on then, do your worst. 

Go on then, do your worst. 

This blog post written by a friend I know on Twitter shows how even when anxiety is about to overwhelm you there are ways to deal with it. Through support from friends and family, to techniques you can employ to take control. It is a positive example of what can go right.

Anxiety Warrior

Today saw me face up to one of my biggest challenges I’ve had since beginning my journey with anxiety, and I thought I’d blog about it in order to put my story out there. 

I was told I had to go to an airport, one of the largest in the country, to meet a client and have a tour around. This absolutely terrified me.

As it began to get closer, we were getting details of what was on the agenda. We were to walk around the whole airport, shuttle between terminals and visit multiple locations. Now, all of this was impossible to me. Firstly, I hate the open space, secondly I get anxious at security check in and lastly, I HATE being confined to shuttles/buses/trains. So yea, you can imagine how I was feeling. 

As the time got closer, the feelings got worse and it began to take over my…

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