‘Don’t look back in anger’…I heard you say

‘Don’t look back in anger’…I heard you say

Nothing hurts more than seeing a friend in pain, right now I hurt. The problem with social media is that it is very difficult to reach out and just give someone a hug. This post, with its brutal honesty, shows what it is like to live with a past. To be unable to walk away. I share this so people can see the pain that is felt on the inside, that is often never observed on the outside.

My Anxious Heart

My soul slides away

‘But don’t look back in anger’ I heard you say

I have to start this post with a warning. Anger isn’t pretty. And since my posts are always (brutally) honest I am not about to make an exception now. Therefore if you are easily offended by graphic language this is the time to stop reading.

Me and anger go way back. I remember being angry even as a little kid, not exactly knowing who or what I am angry about. Not knowing how to let it out it built up and since I am trying to discover time I have lost and life that I survived anger is also one of the emotions I have in abundance.

I am writing this while my muscles are still sore from the last time I beat the shit out of my bed. It is the only safe way for…

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