It’s my birthday! 

It’s my birthday! 

I could not agree more, Twitter has an amazing MH community which I feel proud to be a part of. I am also proud of my friend on his re-birthday. Inspirational and strong, everyday for everyone

Anxiety Warrior

Today is my birthday! Not my actual birthday, that’s in July. Today is my Twitter birthday and I’m one year old! To mark the occasion I thought I’d blog about what it’s done for me, so for people just starting out they’ll see what it can be all about. 

When I started, my intention was to share my story. This time last year I’d decided anxiety was no longer going to be a dirty secret, and I needed to push myself to speaking out. I was terrified of the results, I thought I’d be mocked and dismissed as I have been in life. How wrong I was…

I met some incredible people who would mould me into who I am today – a stronger, more accepting person with a strong following of people who do genuinely mean a lot to me. 

Having a mental illness can be so isolating, lovely…

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