One day I will live this dream

One day I will live this dream

This morning I awoke early, a few minutes before my alarm. I turned it off and sat up in bed feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. I went down stairs and got out my mat and weights, for the next half an hour I went through my work out, enjoying the feeling of the exercises. Then I spent twenty minutes in meditation, allowing my mind to clear, finding my focus for the day ahead.

After showering and getting dressed I ate a healthy breakfast, my morning coffee no longer sweetened tasted great. I brushed my teeth and checked myself in the mirror, I may have a few wrinkles but my smile hides then well. Donning my hat and coat I took the dog for a walk, the ground till damp and the morning sun starting to lighten the day. The air was fresh and invigorating, in my mind I run through the day ahead.

Returning home I put food and water down for the pets, a quick tidy up and my house was back in order. I took time to appreciate what I had, taking pride in my well kept home, a nice reminder of calm and order. I went into my study to collect my papers for the day, neatly arranged and completed. I checked my overnight emails for any thing that might affect my day, five minutes only, all was in order.

I left the house feeling calm and composed, happy with myself and my life. I looked forward to the day, helping other to find their happiness.

This is the dream I have every day, one day I will live this dream

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