Sunday daily snapshot

Sunday daily snapshot

07:45 Sunday morning

2 hrs 55 minutes sleep

0.5 Zopiclone tablets remaining until Tuesday

3 Diazepam tablets remaining until Tuesday

And yet I feel happy

I have gone two weeks over my prescription, I feel good about myself that I have reduced my need for medication.

I have reduced my Paroxetine from 50mg to 40mg, I did go down to 30mg but that was to much so back to 40. Whilst I do not advocate changing medication dosages without consulting a GP, I had to know if they were doing anything. Still not sure.

Mood swings and frustration tolerable.

Irrational thinking tolerable.

Sleep a concern, fatigue during the day persists.

Social isolation getting better, though still days I do not leave the house.

Exercise limited to short walks, lack of motivation to do more despite mental nagging.

Alcohol intake up slightly but not more than twice a week and even then only tipsy. Festive period 🙂

Studying erratic and unstructured, despite mental nagging.

Personal care good but a bit erratic.

If only I could just get some sleep 


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