I always like to read the perspective of other, especially regarding medication. I find this post interesting and look forward to reading more

Ive been thinking about what to post and, well…sitting here on the couch at 4.30am I decided that a lot of people have asked about the medication side of things. So, in a blurry eyed attempt to enlighten your minds I will try to describe the pharmaceutical side of my illness. 
Five years ago I took a not so little pill called Citalopram. I popped this baby every morning before I ate my Weetabix. I had quite a high dosage and this might contribute to some of the side effects this drug had. I’d say about 80% of the time whilst I was on this medication I used to think that these side effects were sometimes worse than the thing it was trying to help. Sensitivity to light, migraines and a sense of dread like the world was always about to end were the least offensive of the side effects…

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