Journal #3/4 The importance of eating (healthily)

Journal #3/4 The importance of eating (healthily)


I am guilty of not eating properly, I just do not feel hungry most of the time. I know that I should eat more and also that I should eat better, but I do find it difficult. It is amazing how even simple things become a challenge, I know that is should, I just don’t. Since my breakdown and the breakup of my relationship I have noticed that I have lost weight. Initially this was great because I was carrying a bit extra, and now my clothes fit again.

A good friend has advised me that I need to eat, and eat better, healthier things. I have tried and have surprised myself at my ability to make healthy interesting. I do not however eat as much as I should, I also do not drink as much as I maybe should either. A quick look on my favourite NHS Choices website and I am surprised to find that I could actually be suffering from malnutrition. Now I thought malnutrition was only for those poor people starving not something that I could be at risk of. Turns out that losing 5-10% of your body weight in 3-6 months (when not trying to) is a possible sign of malnutrition.

Looking at the symptoms, it becomes even more concerning:

Sometimes, weight loss isn’t obvious because it occurs slowly, over time. You may notice that your clothes, belts and jewellery gradually feel looser.
Other signs of malnutrition may include:
feeling tired all the time and lacking energy
frequently getting infections
taking a long time to recover from infections
delayed wound healing
poor concentration
difficulty keeping warm

(copied from NHS Choices)

Okay so I have noticed my clothes “fit” better, feeling tired all the time and lacking energy? Yes, I suppose I feel like that most days, but I have depression. I have not been physically ill recently so the next three I cannot say I have noticed. However poor concentration again I have put down to illness/meds, difficulty keeping warm? Thinking about it I do feel cold quite often.

Oh look what is last on the list, depression?? Has to me wonder if poor eating is actually feeding my depression. I know that my bouts of depression are getting less frequent. but I am pretty sure that on bad days, I am less inclined to eat. I hear people talk all the time about healthy eating and now I think I have probably been a fool for not heeding their advice. I would be interested to hear what others who suffer from depression think. Am I just stupid, or is it common for us depressive to starve ourselves without really noticing?

Anyway I have resolved to pay more attention to my eating habits, though I hope that my spare tyre does not return. I quite like fitting into my clothes again.

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