A little update…

A little update…

Sometime the side effects of the meds we take to help make our condition worse. I feel sad for those that find they meds do not help them. Unfortunately we are all different and not all meds suit, I hope these new meds do work for you though.


I have been on the same anti-depressants for years but the depression episodes were getting more frequent and lasting longer, so I have switched to another anti-depressant. First of all I just want to say that withdrawal is real, at least for me it was. I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life – (I literally felt as though my brain was trying to escape!) this lasted several days and thankfully has now eased off. I have been taking the new tablets for a week now and I know I am still in the settling in period, where I’ll feel shaky, dizzy, nausea and just all round rubbish, but at least there is hope, that these will work and my depression will visit less and less. I know that there is no magic pill, but along side my tool box of coping strategies I hope to…

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