Be defiant. 

Be defiant. 

It is easy for people to not understand how for some, simple everyday things can be quite traumatic. This post shows in a wonderful way not only how this can be but also how much strength is involved in overcoming. I am humbled by the bravery and courage that people show every day just to try to do normal things.

Anxiety Warrior

I’m writing this post as a response to a recent experience I had facing up to anxiety. My reaction and dealing with the situation meant I was not only able to get through it, but I enjoyed it, and for that reason I want to share the experience in a hope it will help. 
I’ve found it difficult to go into large places for the last few years (explained in other posts) and one of those places is a supermarket. I’ve been going with my girlfriend for the last year and I felt like I’d conquered it. I can now go shopping with her, and I don’t feel any anxiety at all. Well, that was until I had to go on my own… 

My girlfriend was away for the weekend and said ‘will you go food shopping? I won’t have time when I get back’. A simple request, a completely…

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