Are we warriors? 

Are we warriors? 

A very important message conveyed in a wonderful way. This has given me a new perspective on how I see things. Please take time to read.


On Twitter and on mental health forums, the word “warrior” crops up quite regularly. “Mental health warrior”, “OCD warrior”, “recovery warrior” and similar such terms. It is intended as a positive thing, a compliment even, but It makes me wince every time I see it used. 

We’re not warriors. Neither are we fighters or heroes. We’re ordinary people, dealing with and trying to overcome circumstances which aren’t, in reality, all that uncommon, even if severe. I don’t disagree that we are in a battle against an enemy that means to do us harm, but we’re just people. We’re not soldiers, we’re not guerrillas, we’re not freedom fighters. 

There is a lot to be admired in the common dignity and quiet bravery of civilians who experience conflict, yet they remain civilians, despite their courage under fire. The same is true of people who experience mental illness at first hand. It is…

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