Hibernation Mode – I want out.

Hibernation Mode – I want out.

I think we have all been here, please read and show your support. One of our own needs our help

Dearest Someone,

‘Hibernation mode’ isn’t a certified thing… but it sure is in my life. Especially this past week, I’ve been in hibernation mode pretty much 90% of the time, and the other 10% of the time I just feel pretty rubbish, so hibernation mode is the answer…

Except, I’m real fed up with it. In a way I reckon it’s my body trying to tell me to slow down, but I don’t have anything to slow down from because I’ve been rocking the ‘sloth lifestyle’ for a while. And bam – right there I just added to the stigma of mental health, the term ‘sloth lifestyle’ – I use it lightheartedly because if I was to explain to a stranger how I’ve spent most of this week asleep, struggling to get out of bed and eating like an ‘animal’ then I’d automatically make fun of myself, rather than actually letting…

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