#WhyWeDoResearch Campaign by Michael Keeling

#WhyWeDoResearch Campaign by Michael Keeling

Very interesting article worth a read



Well here goes … my first attempt at writing a blog and what better subject than the power of social media and the #whywedoresearch campaign.


I was definitely a non-believer with all things social media.  I did not get Friends Reunite, why would I want to be back in touch with people that I haven’t kept in touch with?  I was on Facebook, but I did not really get it, and the thought that social media could be used positively as a professional tool, well it made no sense to me.

All that said, I was persuaded to take a look at Twitter and its use to me professionally.  My professional role is that of a Research Nurse, a role that has been invisible to many, and yet so integral to the development of evidence based practice.  So with the help of my daughter, I set up my Twitter account…

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