Let Phase One Commence

Let Phase One Commence

Well I have gone and done it, no more talk let’s have some action. I have decided that as so many people seemed to think the idea of a portal site for mental health information, support etc was a good one I have today set up www.MHPathway.org. So not only will my blog post today be a bit short it will also be aimed at getting people to send me any links to good sites that support those with mental health issues IN THE UK. Sorry to those not in the UK but I am still trying to work out how I can make the site global, however I am open to suggestions.

So please get your thinking caps on and send me any info to forums, blogs, information site, groups, charities and don’t think well there is no point in telling him about Mind or Twitter because overlooking the obvious is so easily done. Remember I am doing this for our community, I like you have been alone, without a clue, in the darkness. My dream is that in future nobody else has to feel they are alone even if @pinkbunnyfluff is the one holding their cyber hand.

I do not intend doing it alone and if anyone has good blog skills, good ideas and a good background feel free to have a chat. “Help others, Help ourselves” that’s what it is about, as they say in Lilo and Stitch ” Ohana means family, nobody gets left behind or forgotten”. (kids movie, google it, it’s very good).

Anyway I am off to stare at a different WordPress screen and quietly sob to myself wondering how I am actually going to make this work, whilst you all laugh at me, then take pity on me by sending suggestions via email to dave@mhpathway.org or via Twitter either @Davesoapbox or even better go and follow @MHPathway and leave your message there.

So thanks for all your support in the past month and I hope you will continue to support me and the MHPathway.org going forward, I love you guys David

Erm go and add on twitter…….

Ideas, stop biting your toenails and email ideas……..

Look, yes you, stop thinking your idea is stupid and send it 🙂

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