Expanding on an idea

Expanding on an idea

imageThe other day I posted an article that was based on a simple survey I undertook. The results of the survey indicated that people felt they were not getting enough information from the initial contact. So as I have no knowledge of NHS procedures or what is happening in the world I decided to think about how I would do it. The only qualification I suppose I do have is the fact that as a suicidal anxious depressive I have been on the receiving end.

Anyway, in the previous article <link> I proposed three phased approach to making things better, I have decided to expand on phase one.

A Little Idea

Phase one

I am not going to write a chapter and verse here, only a simple outline. Firstly the simple survey identifies that people do not seem to be getting information at the time of diagnosis so what if we had a umbrella ‘organisation’ that would be a name, site and basically links to the best forums, sites of information etc that can be given to every doctor, nurse, therapist, etc, etc. So that people newly diagnosed are not only getting the ‘best’ forums, ‘best’ information but also info such as hashtags that will get them the attention they need to get noticed on twitter and other sites. links to blogs etc. This was every website gets the referrals but the GPs and medical profession get a single name to give out.

Okay despite their being many versions of Operation umbrella we can’t use that but every great plan needs a name so Project WORMHOLE and it even stands for something:

Working Out Redefining Mental Health On Laypersons Expectations.

I think it also fit because I know my mental illness feels like I have gone into some crazy wormhole and landed out of sync with the rest of the planet. Seriously though while it might sound crazy it is what is needed. Mental Health needs to be redefined for normal people and this information should be given along with that piece of paper that says “Mr pharmacist please give this person 28 50mg Sertreline tablets”.

Even if it is a card that says:


Helping people understand mental health and how to find help



One little site that then directs that person to all the amazing forums, hashtags to help them find communities on Twitter etc. NHS websites, Samaritans, blogs all the wonderful charities and organisations but under one roof that every Doctor, Nurse, Therapist etc can point people to on day one.

What you think?

PS A bit sedated when I wrote this sorry

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