Bad Press

Bad Press

Sometimes are sufferers we forget the pressure our illness can put on those we love and care for us. I think that when we talk about making things better for mental health we don’t forget to include all those affected not just those that are diagnosed

Never Less Than Everything

shame-799096_1280 In the next week I am planning to write about taking care of yourself when YOU are the caregiver. After my hypoglycemic/panic episode the other night, it seems like something I should write about – as much for my own mental health as anything. So I have been reading and researching caregiver stress for several days.

What I am discovering is really alarming. It is very difficult to find supportive media for Autism caregivers. Most media for caregiver needs are created for and about the community of Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones. Overwhelmingly. The media surrounding that condition is always very compassionate and loving, constructed to care for the person and their caregiver with equal respect. This is in sharp contrast to what you find when seeking information for the Autism community. The caregivers are subject to a sickening sympathy (in some cases it almost feels like Munchausen by proxy syndrome) while the…

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