Find the diamond

Find the diamond

A note of caution, I have not had the best of days today and my mind is a little fuzzy, the post below is probably gibberish or it may even make sense. Anyway please find something and don’t hate me if you don’t 

I remember being told ones that a diamond of so beautiful it gets encased in coal, dirty and dark it protects the diamond. But coal is drab and boring so it gets pained in individual colours.

That pained gloss coat is what the world sees of us, the coal underneath is all that is dark and crappy about us and finally the diamond that is the pure us. So why don’t we forget painting the coal hack it all off and all be diamonds.

The real us is the diamond, totally pure of mind and soul,effectively drones, so we need a bit of coal to add individuality. Trouble is we interact with other diamonds and adopt some of their coal, soon we have a very dark collection of individuals but still drone factions. So we paint and make each of us unique.

throwing it out there the paint is us just making sure we fit in and do our best to not let the coal show through. When the coal does show through we ‘get help’ and they chip away at the coal and eventually reveal our piece of diamond, but one spark of diamond both beautiful and scary. Soon the spark of diamond receives a lick of paint.

ego,Id, superego these are what makes us and in the case of mental health it is in here that the problem will lie. I have spent days going over my life to see where I changed and I can narrow this down to an incident in 1990 when I helped save a friend’s life. Could my entire life have spawned from that trigger event.

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