BPD, Depression, Anxiety and PMS

BPD, Depression, Anxiety and PMS

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Since getting back from Copenhagen just over a week ago, I had felt noticeably lower, more anxious, and much more volatile than before I left. Yesterday specifically, I had the most emotionally and mentally challenging day I have had to deal with in a long time, and I was convinced I was relapsing psychiatrically. Today (and sorry if this is too much information for ya) my period started, and I have honestly felt so much lighter, incredibly relieved and so grateful for the reprieve after a contrastingly painful previous few days.

Although this is a common pattern which occurs most months for me, I always seem to be equally surprised and baffled by the sheer impact my hormones and PMS can have on me. When I am in the midst of it all for a week or so beforehand, I become increasingly self-judgemental, convinced that my mental health is worsening, and ultimately end up perpetuating the…

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