Let’s get sociable again 

Let’s get sociable again 

This article is full of helpful advice written by someone who has my respect so please soak up the wisdom David

Anxiety Warrior

As summer is in full swing (PHA! Done nothing but rain!), as is the potential to have multiple invited to large and small social gatherings. I’ve been pushing myself towards these as a way to start enjoying my summers again, and intend to blog about my journey through summer to hopefully pass on some tools for people who need it.

I’ve often refer to my anxiety disorder as ‘social anxiety’. Although it’s more of a panic disorder, once triggered, I find social situations very difficult to cope with. As experienced anxiety sufferers will know, this in itself can make it difficult to even start as thoughts begin to make it difficult before you’ve even got there. 

I’ve been doing this now for 3 years (give or take) so have gathered my own coping techniques that I thought I’d share with you in order to get through it. This won’t work…

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