A very interesting article covering the stigma faced by many social groups. Well worth a read, very thought provoking.


I have been meaning to talk about stigma for a while now. But, have found it difficult to put into words the thoughts that are buzzing around my head. Twitter has had a big campaign recently regarding mental illness and mental health awareness and a large part of this has focussed on the stigma attached to it. As someone who is passionate about social justice I feel strongly about ending the stigma attached to mental ill health but I feel it is vital that we don’t focus too much on one area of stigma that we forget there are other groups of people who are stigmatised. Of course I could try listing them but it would probably be a very long list, some of the key ones for me (apart from mental health) are homelessness, council tenants, disability, learning difficulty/disability and the unemployed/economically inactive.

These are all groups that have…

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