What it looks like

What it looks like

A wonderfull insight into how mental illness can affect a life so easily and yet nobody really notices. Please follow this blog and support the writer. Love and peace 🙏😀❤️


It’s funny isn’t it; I’ve suffered with mental health issues since I was thirteen years old and I speak to hundreds of other people that do also, either through this blog or in daily life. But yet, my perceptions of it all are still wrong.

I don’t in any way recognise sufferers as being weak or expect any less from them, because I know how much strength it takes for me to go on sometimes; I think we’re the strongest people out there. To live with an illness that impacts life so much and to live with it every single day for the rest of our lives is remarkable. Sure, sometimes our illnesses can be cured or fade with age, but the majority of us just learn to manage.

I go about my normal day as though nothing is wrong. I go to university, I go to work, I see…

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