Dealing with anxiety 

Dealing with anxiety 

Sophie has this lovely style and even though I have just found her I am not letting go, share this good people lets get this ladies words in front of some eyes

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Anxiety is huge. But it doesn’t have to be. I’ve found some great ways to deal with anxiety and panic attacks over the years and I just want to share it with you guys as it could possibly help you.

Music- I absolutely love music. It can change your mood incredibly quick and help you through a lot of problems. I find listening to calm ocean or rainforest noises helps me so so much when I’m in a panic attack or just feeling stressed. Seriously all you do is close your eyes and listen to it and I feel so much more calmed! Even when you can’t sleep, listen to the ocean through your headphones and it feels like you’re there! It’s absolutely amazing and I definitely recommend you to try it.

Walking- walking is so good for stress and just feeling calm. Going for walks is my favourite thing…

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