Routine isn’t boring, it’s an act of self care

I so agree with this, I find days where I plan are better than those I don’t. A nice article from a wonderful blog

be your natural self

One of the greatest things I have learnt during my journey is to make the most out of the days where you are feeling happy, because you never know when the next day will come when you don’t feel like getting dressed. If I do all I can on the good days to help myself in the future, perhaps the bad days won’t be as regular?

I’ve been concentrating on preparation and organisation, not something that has come naturally to me. Eating really healthy meals and buying organic where possible, can be pretty costly, so it definitely pays to plan ahead.

Ordinarily, I’m the type of person that doesn’t plan. I used to think that people who planned their dinners, packed a lunch for work and did weekly shops were boring and I’ve always rebelled against routine. This would mean having a lonely couple of items in the fridge, gone…

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