Not your fault

Not your fault


This is probably one of the most important lessons a person with mental health problems can learn, you are ill not defective. You did not do anything to deserve your illness, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are still amazing, wonderful and beautiful. You are still strong and loved. You are ill, your illness can blind you to the truth. The symptoms can even make you hate yourself but if you can just remember this one thing, hang on to this one thread and believe you can beat it. Self doubt and blame are more of a threat to mental health than any stigma, drugs or miracle therapies. The mantra for every sufferer every day should be:

“I never chose to be ill but I do chose to fight”

Don’t be ashamed of being ill, be proud that you are ill and are fighting it every day. Some days it may beat you down, others you may beat it but never give up, never blame yourself and never think you are alone. We stand together, those that suffer and those that are helped to understand and we will beat mental health stigma together.

2 thoughts on “Not your fault

  1. Thank you for this post…It really helps to know that I can survive and I’m determined not to let this illness beat me.


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