App Review #3 – Balanced

App Review #3 – Balanced

Time for my weekly App review, I asked around for a mood monitoring app and whilst I was looking at those suggested I found a nice little app called Balanced.


Okay usual disclaimer applies, I have only tried this on iPhone so other systems might not have it. The reason I like this little app is that apart from being useful, it also is simple to use and also offers enough feature that you can get a good feel for it. You can pay to upgrade this app I believe 2.99 but the free version is what I am reviewing. The whole purpose of the app is to let you set little motivational goals.

Your Tasks

So as you can see from the first image above I have entered four ‘tasks’ already. Under each task it will let you know how long you have left t complete the task, but in a rather nice way. To enter a new task (you get five with the free version) you simply swipe the screen down and it will take you to the activities screen. From here you can choose from some preset activities or even write your own. If you select one of the presets it will then offer you a selection of motivational activities or tasks for you to do.

Preset Tasks
Set Timescale
New Task Added

As an example I have gone into the Discovery preset and chosen the Watch a TED talk. You will then be presented with a screen where you can set how often you are to undertake the activity/task. you can go from six times a day to once a year so lots of scope, I went for once a week. It offers a large variety of icons and will also selects a suitable one for you, but you can change it if you wish. Click done and that’s it set.

image image image

So it’s all set up now time to use it, when things are due to be done you will get a notification (optional). Open the app and you will see that it is telling me that I should meditate and go outside, maybe I’ll meditate outside. Once you have done your tasks or activity all you need to do is to swipe right on the task and it will drop to the bottom of the list. Of course sometimes you may not have the time or opportunity to do it so simply swipe left and it will skip and drop to the bottom of the list. Simple, useful and most of all free. If you wish to upgrade I believe you can have unlimited tasks/activities and more options, if I get tempted I will update you.

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