App review – My Pillbox

App review – My Pillbox

I recently did a little review of an App I found to help me keep track of my medication which I found good for what it was, simple but lacking in some minor ways. Thanks to incharliesmind who recommended the My Pillbox app I gave it a try. image Firstly it is a free app so well worth trying, secondly there is no in app purchases so while you do get some discreet adverts at the bottom you do get the whole fully working app. Again apologies to non Apple users but I do not know if it is available on android. image image image While it does take a little bit of setting up it is rather easy to do. Start by entering your medications, you can even select from various icons and change their colour. so if you have pills, patches, pumps or drops there are different icons. You can then enter how many you have on hand and what they are and a description of why your on it. Next you can set your schedule, times of day you need to take it and the dose you need. The dose is good because it increases in quarters so allows for those little half tablets etc. You even have the option to enter PRN (as needed) medications. Your able to set how long you need to take it for and it even has options for daily,weekly, monthly etc. image  image  image Every day you can select the ‘due Today’ (middle pic above) which will show you medications, dose and how many you have left. At the appointed time you will get a reminder and offered the option to take now, snooze or ignore. Once you taken it will turn green and record the exact time you registered it. If you really want to you can click on the medication which will allow you to add additional information such as how you feel and notes. You also have a Meds log which is basically a calendar which logs your mood and if you have completed all your meds for that day. Finally though not pictured is a Doctors notes section where you can enter appointments etc. All in all if you take a variety of medications and need to keep track this is an excellent app. and the only two things I have found is that it does not show your appointments in chronological order and if you forget to log something while you can change the date/ time it will not put it on the right day, it just adds it to the day entered. Picky but hey it’s what I noticed. So if you give it a try, let me know your thoughts.

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