App review

App review

As an avid smart phone user and having a terrible memory I tend to use apps for many things, One thing I have recently had a problem with is remembering to take my medication at regular times. Whilst I was in hospital it was great, the nurses took care of this but once home I would often forget to take them for hours. Most medication has a certain duration of effect, if you take it late it can work at the wrong time or even worse if you take more than one dose a day you could end up taking them to close together and that might not be good.

So I used my trusty iPhone (sorry if you use other dev ices) and had a look for something to help me keep track of my meds.image

The app I chose is called  Medical Reminder developed by Appetend Ltd and best of all it is free! Basically you can enter your medication, some notes and a start and end date. You can then enter the times you need to take it and even what days you need to take it on, finally it even lets you enter how many you need to take.

Once you have entered all your medications this simple little app will give you a reminder when they are due and once you have taken then you just tick it off the list so it turns from red to green letting even the most forgetful of us that we are on track. The only thing I would like to see that isn’t on the app is a way of keeping track of how much medication you have left and maybe a reminder a few days before to let you know your running low. My partner said I should know by how many are left in the packet but being disorganised I often grab the first blister pack and take it from there so I never know! I hope you give it a try as it really helps me.

If I was to give it a score it would be 9 out of 10

image       image

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