The fist hurdle

The fist hurdle

And so I hit the first hurdle of blogging, finding out that another person has a very similar site name. Now the dilemma is do I carry on or go back to the endless hours trying desperately to think up a catchy, this is me type name to go by?? The facts seem to point in favour of boldly going forward and hope that all stays well in the world (I don’t see this becoming an international incident). The other site has one post and that was back in 2011 and the owner of said site is in the US and I’m in the UK, so plenty of miles and as this will be my second post I beat him on quantity (I don’t know about quality).

It does raise the question though of usernames and site names, I remember watching a tv show a while back hosted by the comedian Dave Gorman. The show was based around him and his search across the globe for fellow Dave Gormans and there were quite a few. So with seven billion people on this planet and providing there isn’t a rise in naming our children Grundig Flagenfast the all-powerful or such, we do run the risk of quite a lot of people having to share that most individual thing that we are given with many others. Now this is not a new thing, I happen to live in Wales (find England turn left) where people having the same name down through the generations is very common. In fact many common surnames in Wales are actually first names and came about through the process of sons being named in association with their father, so William ap William is William son of William, then shortened over time to plain William Williams. Its called patronymic naming if you wish to read further.

So drifting back towards my point, with an ever-increasing population and ever-expanding social interaction via the internet how long before the original is all taken? Should we start thinking for our children and once we have settled on a name for our little biological wonder get straight on the web and make sure little Fiona Jayne has an acceptable email/Facebook/Pinterest/blog etc etc or will she be stuck being for the rest of her days? Maybe it will become a social mark of a good family in the future that your child has an individual web presence, I can just see the 23rd century Katie Hopkins babbling on about how she would never let little George Cuthbert Cleverbloomers play with a child that has numbers in its email. Or should we embrace creativity and throw out the baby book of names and strive forth by calling our children Flaxenhaired Stargazer or Moonbeam Waterdrop, follow this train of thought a bit further down the line and plain old Luke Skywalker is not only highly plausible but would likely be lukeskywalker636@empire.tat. Therefore I will continue, I may even make contact with my nearly namesake and offer the hand of friendship across the globe, who knows. For now I stay and am happy

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